Helga Davis, Shara Nova, Sinkane, Helado Negro, Rozi Plain, Angel Deradoorian, Ben Lanz, Kyle Resnick

Leslie Feist, Andrew Barr, Todd Dahlhoff – Saal 1 / Day 7

LHASA TRIBUTE – In the Studio

Boys Noize & Slow Moving Clouds – In the studio

Chefket, Cantus Domus & Friends – Thursday Rehearsals

Gyda Valtysdóttir, Kjartan Sveinsson & Friends

Emma Broughton & Friends – Monday in the garden

Feist – Sound Wall

Moira Cappilli & Henning May – Thursday in the garden

Melissa Laveaux – Tuesday on the Boat

Christof van der Ven – Big Men At Heart

Astronautalis & Gaspar Claus & David Chalmin

Big Red Machine – I Can’t Be All You Got

Damien Rice – Folk Circle

Greg Fox

Women’s Choir & Jessica Dessner / Saint Ageda

Maaike van der Linde & The Women’s Choir

Justin Vernon & Cantus Domus / Heavenly Father

Lisa Hannigan & Aaron Dessner & Bryce Dessner & Heather Broderick

LIIMA & Friends

Zach Condon & Friends

Sam Amidon – Folk Circle

Mariam Wallentin & Damien Rice & Cantus Domus Rehearsal

Leslie Feist + Kings of Convenience – in rehearsal

Lisa Hannigan & s t a r g a z e & Aaron Dessner – in rehearsal

Zach Condon & Laura Jansen & Joel Wästberg & Tatu Rönkkö – in rehearsal

Shara Nova & PEOPLE Choir – Rehearsal for the Women’s Choir SAINT AGEDA

Bon Iver – Heavenly Father | One To One

Feist – Baby Be Simple | One to One

Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė & The Havels & Bert Cools in rehearsal

Luluc – Me and Jasper | One to One

Emma Broughton – Blumi the Darkness | One to One

The Staves – Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow Cover) | One to One

Claus & Clausen – Sedna (Efterklang song) | One To One

Mariam The Believer – To Conquer Pain With Love | One to One

Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats) – Baby Bluebird | One To One