Thank you to all 7000 people who made this 48h Worldwide at Home screening a time for us all to reconnect to this moment out of time in Summer 18. While sitting alone at home together. We will see where the PEOPLE journey takes us. For now we are grateful for what happened so far. Let’s keep in touch!

For what comes next:

PEOPLE – The Film
48 hours Worldwide at Home
Friday 11th to Sunday December 13th , 10pm to 10pm CET

Dear PEOPLE,  

Upcoming weekend, we are excited to share with you: PEOPLE – The Film!
Vincent Moon’s journey through the magical festival from forever ago. These moments out of time, in between spaces, the ritual, the coming together of 200 musicians to create and share to an audience of 5000 people.

… all of these communal experiences that we cherish. To help us get through this winter, to remember how great it feels to be close, to sing loud, to cry together, to dance… to joyfully discover what waits behind the next door.

For those who lived through this memorable week, for those of you who have heard of it and for those who are curious.

We did not want to wait any longer to share the footage and the music. What better time to remember and dream of a future to come. 

Register here to get access to stream the film to your home. Registration is open as of now. On Friday morning everyone will receive an access code, that will stream the film starting Friday 10pm to Sunday 10pm, Central European Time.